Today is World Population Day. And for all those who are unaware, the UN, on this day, tries to bring attention to the rising population which is seen as a matter of concern for most countries, including India.

Which is why, we think whoever invented condoms did a great favour to mankind because it lets one enjoy sex to the fullest, without unwanted pregnancies and of course, STDs. But then, as much as condoms are considered life savers for certain situations, its advertisements are always under heavy scrutiny. And when push comes to shove, the ads are either banned for being too obscene, or are deemed as unfit for family viewing.

So here’s taking a look at some of the raunchiest condom ads that were deemed offensive and pulled off air because a section of people found them offensive. Well, great news for y’all for these ads are still available on YouTube (we’re only seeing the larger picture here, that is, safe sex).



Lifestyles Condoms

Four Seasons Condom 

Trojan Condoms