Karan Johar’s autobiography An Unsuitable Boy was recently launched in a grand affair at Taj Lands End, Bandra. We went through the book, to bring you some of Karan’s most candid confessions on love, sex and relationships.

On losing his virginity

“I lost my virginity at twenty-six. I had no sexual encounter before that. Yes, it is true. Why would I say this on record if it were not? It’s not something I am proud of. It was in New York. Up till that point, I was sexually completely inexperienced.”

On blow jobs

“I still remember the first time someone told me about blow jobs. 

There was a kid in class who was pulling my leg and he told me, ‘You know what a blow job is?’

I said, ‘No, what is it? I’ve heard about it though.’

He said, ‘You take off all your clothes and put your fan on high speed, and that’s a blow job.’

I said, ‘I can do that. What is the big deal in that?’”

On ignorance about the words ‘fuck’ and ‘masturbation’

“I know it sounds hard to believe but for a very long time, I didn’t know what the words ‘fuck’ and ‘masturbation’ meant. There was a big age gap between me and my father, and no one else told me about these things. I had a very square group of friends; we were all very good girls and boys.”

On hearing about escort services

“I was twenty-six then. In passing, I had heard about a high-end, safe escort service. But because I was still overweight at that time, I was very self-conscious about my body. When you’re younger, you’re a lot more nervous about removing your clothes in front of someone.”

On sleeping with an escort

“It was a very nerve-wracking experience for me. I did it twice. The first time I ran away. I paid the money and then said I can’t do this. I was so stressed, I couldn’t do it. One week later, I mustered up my courage and went back again. This time, I walked out with guilt. I felt miserable. Why have I done this, I thought. It’s not that the sexual release was fun. It just seemed a bit stupid; it seemed fake because obviously the person assigned to please you is going to please you artificially. It’s a job and that’s what they’re paid to do.”