Chatting with the striking Sukki Menon is an uncommon pleasure. Born to an Indian father and a British mother, she is the first international burlesque performer from Singapore. In fact, she campaigned for about four years for burlesque to be accepted as a legitimate and empowering art form in Singapore, and performed the first full and ‘legal’ burlesque show in the city in 2015.

Sukki by Daniel Roberts


In 2019, Menon made her television debut with Singapore Social, a Netflix reality show about the lives of young and stylish Singaporeans. Last year, the 32-year-old, who shuttles between Singapore and London, raised $3million for the Elton John AIDS Foundation, launched her NFT artworks, and was seen riding shotgun in a Rimac Nevera, one of the world’s fastest electric vehicles. She is keen on getting her show down to India and exploring Bollywood.

Pic3 Sukki by Andreas Sourbis

On the topic of men, we talk to her and she tells us what it takes to impress her:

  • The Male Type: I like it when a man has a talent or works with his hands. It doesn’t matter what; he could be cooking, dancing or building something, I think it’s incredibly sexy. Also, I love a man who knows how to cook, especially a good biryani. My father’s side of the family is from Kerala and they make a mean biryani there.
  • Looks and Brains: I have never really cared much about looks. It’s what’s inside that’s important to me. I love brains. If you are into science-fiction, and especially the works of writers such as Heinlein (Robert. A), you’ve already got a head-start. And if you love art as well, then I’m in! I love browsing through the works of La Rata Cyber and Jawad Mataame. They make me want to swim in their universes.
  • Getting Along: I’d like to think I’m a pretty flowy, easy-going, thoughtful, and a badass shipmate. I love to help others navigate through life. I’m also quite spontaneous and adventurous. Sukki Menon
  • A Great Date: My idea of a great date would involve a long walk in the park and a visit to a beautiful art exhibition.
  • Three Important Attributes: The three attributes that are important to me in a man are kindness, honesty, and a strong drive and purpose.
  • Humor: Having a sense of humor is so important! I think being able to laugh together is the secret to a great relationship. And I don’t mean cheesy humour; I’m into witty humour. I’m also a fiend for a good innuendo once you get to know me.
  • Sense of Style: The men I like are effortless about their style. They also take risks. I absolutely love Ranveer Singh’s sense of style. He is so at ease with what he wears.


Photo credit: Daniel Roberts, Andreas Sourbis, Karolina Skorek