There are a lot of parallels that you can draw between Aryan Khan and Brooklyn Beckham – both of them are sons to star multi-millionaires (SRK and David Beckham) who have a worldwide fan following, and both of them haven’t let the baggage of being born with a silver spoon affect their desire to make a name for themselves. Also, both of them are narcissists – that’s apparent from the many close-up selfies that they keep posting on their Instagram handles. 


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Neither of them are nowhere near as big as their fathers. But, that’s okay. 

It’ll be extremely unfair to put that kind of pressure on them. If they can do something worthwhile with their lives, and gain some respect, they deserve praise.

For now, we’ll just look at Aryan Khan’s Instagram (and at times, compare it to Brooklyn’s) timeline, and admire the gem of a man he is slated to become. 

Game day 🏈

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He gives us fitness goals, and believe you me, those abs can’t be bought with money. You have to go through a lot of pain, be disciplined and watch your diet. Surely, money can buy the best trainers and the best nutrition, but it can’t do the hard work for someone. 

The Birth Giver

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You can see the love he has for his mother in his eyes. Surely, this one deserves a big photo-frame in Aryan’s room. We don’t have inside access to Mannat, otherwise we would have told you. 


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And yes, like Brooklyn is good with photography, Aryan’s got skills of his own. In the above video, he shows how he is a gymnast par excellence. 

Look on the bright side

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Also, sometimes, with due respect to both SRK and David, it looks as if their kids are smoking up some real good stuff. We are not sure it is in the form of a joint, looking at the bizarre things they try to say. The ‘Look on the bright side’ caption for this picture absolutely blows our mind. Just, like the below picture which is too blurred to be understood by Brooklyn.


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