The internet is a peculiar place where at one place you get to see memes that make you laugh, and at another, you will also get to learn some new things. Dollar Sign Empire is a page that talks about success stories, about how people who have made it big in their lives manage to do it and more. The viral ‘Bentley Video’ posted on the page is now going viral.

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Florida-based Andrew Herrera and Matthew Meyer approach a man in a blue Bentley convertible in the Tik Tok video. They then ask the elderly gentleman a series of questions to determine how he managed to earn so much money. “What was your business,” they ask, to which the man in the viral ‘Bentley Video’ explains, “I sold software.”

On Being asked what software he created, he explains, “You ever go to the doctors? Do you ever go to the hospital? Do you ever go to the lab? Whenever you pay your bills with a credit card I get a couple of pennies off of it in the whole United States.”

But more than the story of how he made it big, the old gentleman shared some valuable life lessons that you need to take a not of. He firstly states that when it comes to people, with time you learn and figure out who to trust.

Secondly, he talks about how you learn how to take the people you trust all the way to the end and how you should stick to the.  “You make life good for them. They make life good for you,” he adds.

Lastly, he talks about how everything is just about ‘people and only people. Before driving off he says, “it’s about the people. It’s all about the people.”

Check Out The Video Below:

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