Anybody who has seen a Raj and DK film knows that it is memorable. They have a cinematic language that stands out in Bollywood, their writing is laced with wit and wickedly dark humour and their characters are entertaining, engaging and straight up nuts. From their intelligent and nuanced debut with Shor In The City to the absolutely madcap Go Goa Gone (nobody has been able to repeat the sheer outrageousness of that film, no wonder they are making a sequel), from slick flicks like Happy Ending and A Gentleman to finally being the writerproducers for last year’s superhit Stree, you seek out a Raj and DK film. They are also a part of the new healthy tradition of film-makers and scripts becoming the heroes of the projects, not overshadowed by the cast.

So, when The Family Man was announced, excitement was high. What Raj and DK delivered is a crispily shot crime thriller, which beautifully balanced danger with domestic. The writing of the show was on point — situational comedy married with contrasting waves of high-octane drama and intensity. Even in the show’s most emotional moments, it is sharp, doesn’t lose focus and becomes a more human experience rather than dipping into sappy soap mode.

Like their previous projects, the duo revels in a multi-actor and multi-arc situation. The show format allows them to really explore this. The characters are well fleshed out, are memorable and their intentions and actions are justifiable. Manoj Bajpayee obviously stands out, because, well, he’s Manoj LegendaryAF Bajpayee. Raj and DK has always aced the casting game and the show’s supporting cast, led by Sharib Hashmi, Neeraj Madhav and Priyamani are revelations. The Family Man S2 is on its way. Raj and DK’s unique and independent voice definitely enriches the industry and deserves acclaim and accolades.