We’ll admit, we are not easy people to crack jokes to. But Aravind SA has not just managed to make us laugh, he’s managed to make us roll on the floor laughing. His rant on North Indians making fun of Chennai people is spot on, and his Tamilian accent only adds to the humour.

The biggest casualty of Aravind’s jokes is Chennai Express. There was nothing Chennai about Chennai Express he said, and the biggest goof-up was the Lungi Dance song, which people would refer to as the South Indian song. Aravind says that there was nothing South Indian about it.

The first line was – Moocho ko thoda round ghumaake.

He says that Rajnikanth has not twirled his moustache in any film.

The second lines was – Anna ke jaisa chashma lagaake.

This, again did not do justice to South Indian people. Annas know how to eat rice and rasam without dropping anything on their shirt.

The third line was – Coconut mein lassi milaake.

To this, he said, that the state famous for coconut is Kerala. And the state famous for lassi is Punjab. Where does Chennai fall here?

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