Guy became more of a legend than he already was after the Vegas mass shooting.

No one can become Tony Stark in real life, although professional poker player and Instagram ace Dan Bilzerian comes quite close.

Las Vegas lived a hellish Sunday night after a terrorist opened fire from the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino across a country music festival area. The damage reads 58 people as and around 500 more as injured. One of the few lucky ones who survived the attack was Bilzerian who was also attending the concert.

Bilzerian shared videos on social media where you can see him calmly fleeing the scene to safety, and describing that a girl was shot in the head. The gun enthusiast then apparently took an injured woman to the hospital, picked up a gun from his room and went back to the shootout area possibly to give the mass shooter a piece of him.



By the time he got there, Bilzerian said they had finally caught the terrorist and “couldn’t do much at that point to help.

Going by his allege Good Samaritan avatar in the face of immediate crisis, this only goes to show that Dan Bilzerian is not that man everything thought he was. His quick thinking is something to be admired, despite his “guns, girls and global domination” approach to life, as the movie xXx: Return of Xander Cage quotes. Not everything is quick on their feet in a situation like this, although Bilzerian is not exactly an exception either, given his exposure to arms and ammo right in his backyard. 

One must now wonder what kind of a man Dan Bilzerian really is.

Image: DanBilzerian/Instagram