It was four years ago when a hacker sneaked into the Bush family email accounts and exposed the early works of George W Bush, the painter. The former is in jail now but the latter is blossoming as an artist and has even released a volume of some of his works titled ‘Portraits of Courage’ as a tribute to military personnel and veterans who have served America since the 9/11 attacks.

Just like Bush picked up the brush, other US Presidents got busy in their own ways after retirement from their tenures as the White House. Here’s a look at some popular ones.

Barack Obama

The latest ex-POTUS had spoken about a book that he wanted to write at the time of retirement. He has even had talks with Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel about arrangements that could include speaking gigs.

Bill Clinton

He made millions of dollars because of his speaking assignments post retirements. According to a report in Fortune, he delivered 542 speeches between January 2001 and 2013 and made $104.9m from them.

Jimmy Carter

Despite being a not-so-popular President, Carter earned a better reputation post retirement after incepting Carter Center, a rights organization. It even won him a Nobel Peace Prize.

Thomas Jefferson

The third US Prez went back to education after leaving the office. He went o to sell his huge collection of books to the Library of Congress and laid the cornerstones for the University of Virginia.

George Washington

In the most laid back post-presidency stories to come out of The States, Washington managed his 8,000-acre farm for close to three years after bidding goodbye to DC.

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