Fashion for me is a person being happy and comfortable in whatever he or she is wearing.

■ I can’t define my style. I feel confident in anything that is comfortable. I’m not a brand conscious person. I can pick up stuff from the streets as well. In fact, I like combining high street, flea market and luxury purchases.

■ My last big purchase was a pair of Chrome Hearts shoes.

■ Iron your shirt well and make sure you clean your jeans and polish your shoes. These things are very easily noticeable and reflect badly on you.

■ Put minimal effort into maintain your hair; there’s no need to over-style it

■ Have a nice watch handy; it’s the perfect accessory.

■ If you want to try something edgy, please do, but be aware that it can backfire. For me, it depends on my mood. but I usually stick with basics.

■ I think Sushant Singh Rajput is very well styled. Internationally, I find Jason Statham and Bradley Cooper very stylish. They carry themselves well and with ease.

■ Wardrobe basics for me include a pair of brown leather shoes, a good pair of jeans, a white shirts and a choice of perfumes and sunglasses.

■ A lot of people are opting for beards these days, but don’t forget that maintaining it is essential. Apart from that, my grooming must-dos include smelling well and definitely trimming one’s nails. Women always notice them.

■ Indian men tend to overdress for certain occasions. I would suggest sticking to subtle, classy styles that look dapper too.