This new music video featuring Monica Dongra and Anuskha Manchanda will definitely get you hot and heavy by the end of it. And we’re damn serious.

A remarkable change from what mainstream media shows us, the video titled Lay You Down is bold, sensual and absolutely beautiful with the unapologetic display of two gorgeous women making love in an intimate setting.


In this beautifully shot video, brought out by Nanok, a Mumbai based electronic producer, the two gorgeous women are pushing boundaries and surely heating up our screens where things get very, very intense.

Shattering all stereotypes, the video does not shy away from showing us a little foreplay and from thereon, things start heating up between the two, making this the boldest video ever created in the country.


And it’s not just about two women making love, it portrays all kinds of emotions that one goes through when in a relationship, where they kiss, break down, fall apart and then eventually make-up.

Featuring Monica Dongra, who is involved in the Shiver Project that aims at breaking gender binaries and Anushka, who was last seen in Angry Indian Goddesses, this video is surely the hottest thing you’ll see today. Check it out.