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Arjun Mathur Talks About His Favourite Things

The actor, who was most recently seen in the Amazon Prime Video drama Made in Heaven, on the things that float his boat

Holiday destination

 I would say Goa, because it’s the easiest to get away to, and I also have a home there. Whenever I have the opportunity, my girlfriend and I, along with our cat, drive off to Goa and spend a week to 10 days there.



Shopping street

Khaosan Road, in Bangkok.


Tropic Thunder is an out-and-out comedy and is the ultimate diss take on films, film-making, actors and the acting process.



Rumour you’ve heard about yourself

The only thing I hear people asking about me is “Is he gay or is he straight?” Whenever people ask me, I give them an answer, but otherwise, what do I care?

 Cheat meal

Definitely a burger – ideally a beef burger with lots of cheese and bacon.

Cuss word

Bhenchod. It’s not even a cuss word any more, it’s like saying “Oh shit”.

Body part

Mine? Or my cat, or someone else’s? My favourite body part is probably the heart.

Thing to wear to bed


 Fashion accessory



It’s really hard to pick a favourite memory, but I lost my mother when I was 13 years old, so honestly, every little thing I remember about her is my favourite memory.

Historical character

 A gentleman called Timothy Leary.



Porn category

Just straight sex.


 Shake Shack.




 I drink a lot of Diet Coke, and really enjoy peanut butter and banana milkshake. With alcohol, it’s usually whisky, beer or gin – or wine.

Instagram handle

 I love memes, so I follow a bunch of meme handles. There’s also a lot of art you get to see on Instagram, so I’ve discovered a lot of art through the app.

Piece of tech

Bose headphones.



 My Triumph Bonneville.



Side of the bed

It changes from bed to bed. If I’m sleeping alone, I like to create a pillow fortress around me and sleep in the centre. If it’s me and my girlfriend, we decide at that time.

Closet item

Any of my light, pastel-coloured shirts. They are just light linen, and easy to handle in the summer.


 Naseeruddin Shah.