To have a mother like Sunny Leone (and a father like Daniel Weber) is to get really lucky in life. Not only is Sunny super successful and super famous, she also has a heart of gold, which is evident from this decision of hers to adopt an orphaned girl child in Latur. The little one’s name is Nisha Kaur Weber, who is just 21-months old.

“The moment we got the picture (of Nisha); I was so excited, happy, emotional and [experienced] so many different feelings. We literally had three weeks to finalise everything. Usually, people get nine months to prepare (laughs),” Leone said in an interview with HT Cafe.

She added in the same interview that she will not treat Nisha any different from what she would have treated her biological child. “I don’t know about everybody else, but for us, it didn’t matter even for a second whether it was our child or she not being our biological child,” she said.

Her husband, Daniel Weber cited busy schedules and too little time for their reason to adopt instead of having a biological child. “There is no right time if you are in the entertainment field because you are always on the road. So when are you going to find nine months or a year to have a child? If someone wants a day of shooting with Sunny, I say, ‘Okay, let me find one hour in the next four months.’ Why we’ve adopted is a different reason but we were ready almost two years ago,” he was quoted as saying by HT Cafe.

This move doesn’t really surprise us, since a lot of stars have adopted children/ been surrogate parents in recent times. You just have to look at examples like Karan Johar and Cristiano Ronaldo, to name a few. Angelina Jolie, one of the most popular Hollywood actresses too has adopted children, and served as an example for many young couples to uplift some unfortunate kid’s life.

We really wish Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber a great time as parents. Also, we wouldn’t be surprised if Nisha carves out a name for herself when she grows up.