We all know Jeff Bezos is rich. In fact, rich isn’t even the word. You might need to create a new word just to explain Bozos’ wealth. The world’s richest man currently has a net worth of a whopping $143.1 billion. That’s 1,09,47,15,00,00,000 rupees. The Amazon CEO is so rich, that it might be hard for a lot of us to even comprehend how much money he actually has. Thankfully, a man helped us clearly understand it using something as simple as rice grains.

Some of his purchases include multiple mansions across cities like Washington, New York and Los Angeles. 32-year old content creator and entrepreneur Humphrey Yang decided to show us how these purchases barely affect Bezos’ wealth.

He starts off by appointing a single grain of rice an amount of $100,000. Using that, Yang goes on to make piles of rice showing us exactly how much a billion dollars can look like. After an increasing demand, he went on to purchase two huge sacks of rice to explain Bezos’ entire net worth.

Watch the video below: