There isn’t a chairman in this world cooler than WWE’s Vince McMahon, and he’s back. With all the money he has, he doesn’t need to maintain that great physique and wrestle – but Vince loves to put on a show, and few people are more entertaining than him. He’s also extremely creative, and has pulled off some crazy gimmicks that left us gasping for breath.

Let’s take a look at five of them.

Fought With His Own Daughter

Every father loves his daughter, but in WWE – crazy things happen. At No Mercy (a PPV event), Vince McMahon beat up his own daughter in an ‘I Quit’ match.

Made People Kiss His Ass – Literally

I don’t think any chairman will reveal his ass on national television, let alone make people kiss it. But, Vince McMahon went as far as making the great Stone Cold Steve Austin kneel down. Did the Texas Rattlesnake complete the punishment? Watch the video to find out.

Kissed Trish Stratus In Front Of His Wife

Vince McMahon made full use of his Top Boss status, and romanced several of the female wrestlers on the roster. However, the moment that takes the cake is when he groped and French kissed Trish Stratus in front of his wife Linda McMahon, who was restricted to a  wheelchair.

Indulged In A Battle With Current US President Donald Trump

Guess what? Donald Trump claimed to be stronger and more good looking than Vince McMahon and told him that he would whoop his ass.

Made Stone Cold Steve Austin Fight Him With One Arm Tied Behind His Back

Everybody should get a fair fight, but Vince McMahon likes to do things his way. In a match, Stone Cold was allowed to fight with just one arm. Imagine – if something like this happened in cricket, the Indian team would be beaten handsomely even by the Nepali cricket team.