Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona’s relationship may not be as solid as it used to be. After the club’s embarrassing defeat by Bayern Munich, rumours surfaced that Messi called off his contract renewal meeting and is planning to move away from the club he’s played for 20 years.

It’s tough to even think about Barcelona without Messi, but if this is truly the case, we need to see where Messi would go.

We take a look at five teams that want (and can afford) one of the greatest football players of all time:

Manchester City

If you want Messi, you need to afford Messi. And Manchester City definitely has the cash to afford the football superstar. But more importantly, Messi can be reunited with with mentor Pep Guardiola, which has always been a desire.


Manchester United

The second Manchester team in the League is also interested in acquiring Messi. Reports suggest the club plan to sell Pogba for around $130 million to make space for Messi and afford his salary.


Paris Saint-Germain

PSG is also in the running for the teams who can acquire Messi. Just like Manchester United, PSG will need to let go of one of their star players — Kylian Mbappé. The club definitely isn’t Messi’s choice, but just as a financial standpoint, PSG could definitely afford the Argentinian player.


Inter Milan

After the rumours of Messi’s availability surfaced, reports claim that Inter Milan are already trying to work out a financial deal to lure Messi into their team. According to experts, Milan cannot afford this purchase, but the club is still trying hard to work out a deal.


Newell’s Old Boys

This isn’t a popular team like the others mentioned on the list. But this might be the only club Messi is dying to play in. Messi has always been vocal about his interest in playing in the Argentinian League, especially playing in Newell’s Old Boys. Of course, it’s a but of a stretch for one of the world’s greatest players to spend his years at a club and a league that isn’t at his level. But Messi would love to contribute and be part of Newell’s history.