5 Twitter Accounts Every Cricket Freak Should Follow

Follow these accounts and you’ll never be short on humour or insight while discussing cricket with your friends or colleagues.

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Cricket is a game of uncertainties, but if there’s one thing that we can tell you with certainty, it’s that there are some men who follow cricket like it’s their religion and they are the priests. Follow their handles on Twitter, and you’ll never be short of insight and humour while discussing the game with your friends or colleagues.

Alternative Cricket

Run by a doctor, this Twitter account became popular because of its wit, humour and insight.

Jarrod Kimber

One of the game’s best writers, Jarrod Kimber’s pieces are eagerly awaited within the cricket community. 


Run by one of India’s most senior cricket journalists, this Twitter account will help you form a strong opinion about cricket matters.

Mohandas Menon

If you are a sucker for stats, Mohandas Menon’s Twitter account is your Shangrila.


Another account filled with insight, this account’s tweets are so good, you’ll find it hard not to retweet them.