In the past few days, we have noticed that many footballers, while attending the press conference, have removed the sponsored drinks kept at the table. This was first started by Cristiano Ronaldo when he pulled the two sponsored Coca-Cola drinks kept by UEFA away from him and at the corner of the table. This caught the world’s attention because if a personality like Ronaldo is rejecting aerated drinks like Coca-cola and telling you to drink water, it is for the betterment of people and the world as the unhealthy drinks will make people unfit.

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A similar pattern was seen in the following press conference attended by another football personality, Paul Pogba, where he removed an alcohol bottle. The Heineken bottle was removed, and Pogba kept it under his chair. Pogba being a Muslim, doesn’t support alcohol and never has endorsed alcohol products. This video also surfaced online as another player removed the sponsored drinks, for which UEFA gets the money. These acts resulted in negative marketing of these brands, and till now, Coca-Cola has lost around 4 billion dollars due to the activities conducted by Cristiano Ronaldo. So that no other player joins this movement, UEFA has asked the players and the respective EURO 2020 teams not to remove the sponsored drinks from the press conference table as it may result in consequences. But some teams and players had a little fun with all this going around, as Ukraine skipper Andriy Yarmolenko became the latest player to mess about with the drinks bottles at a post-match news conference in a trend that’s amusing social media users but disconcerting organisers. 

According to UEFA, these sponsors are invaluable for generating revenue for the organisation and generating revenue for European football. It has been the case for many years now that beverage companies sponsor big tournaments. We will have to wait and watch what will happen in the following few press conferences held in the tournament.