IPL (Indian Premier League) is one of the top cricket leagues globally and has the highest turnover in sponsorship, viewing, and branding. All the big players from all the big playing nations hope to get an IPL contract. An IPL contract from a franchise is considered a massive thing for any player because of the sponsorships and the audience in which the player has to perform. This year’s IPL is still not over, and the BCCI and the IPL committee have already started looking at the retention policy for the mega auction that will be held next year.

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The IPL committee has announced that it’ll hold the mega auction before next year’s IPL. This would help franchises build the teams almost from scratch and retain only a certain number of players. Earlier, this number used to be restricted to only three players, but now there are rumours that the IPL Committee is thinking of increasing the number of retention per team to four players. The fans have raised their voice about these rumours, and they feel that this might be unfair to the teams who do not have many options. The teams who have a lot of options to choose from will still be overpowered. Twitter burst onto the scene when this rumour broke out, and the fans hope the BCCI and the IPL committee can hear their voice. The IPL is also known to launch two new franchises into the IPL from next year. This would make the IPL the most significant league, with the massive players and larger IPL squads. If new teams are set to be accommodated into the scenario, they should have an equal playing field to choose from so that no teams have an advantage over the other.

Only time will tell if the IPL committee will declare these rumours false or true. If these are true, then it is already predicted that some of the teams and the IPL fans won’t be happy with such a careless decision. But there is still time to think about all these things. There is also another news that the IPL Mega Auction will be held in December this year, which is quite early compared to the previous IPL auctions.