Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the greatest players ever to captain India and is the only captain in the world to win all three ICC trophies. He achieved this feat in 2013 when he won the ICC Champions Trophy in England by beating them by a close margin. He has proved time and time again why he is relaxed and calm under pressure and has exuberated his experience over the youngsters more often than not. Dhoni is eligible for another award, but this time not in the field of cricket.

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Dhoni is known to have a great personality and knows how to keep his friends and family happy. Dhoni has been married to Sakshi Dhoni, and the couple celebrated eleven years together and lived happily. Dhoni has gifted a vintage car to her better half, which she liked a lot, and thanked Dhoni for the fantastic gift. Dhoni has a knack for doing things that nobody thinks are possible. He gifted his wife, Sakshi, a vintage car from the previous century, and the car was in perfect condition without even a scratch on it. Dhoni might have known whether his wife likes such things. Only then would he have bought such a gift. Sakshi posted a story on her insta handle and thanked Dhoni for the gift. Personalities like Dhoni are hard to come by, and India is thankful for his contribution to Indian cricket. Sakshi and Dhoni also share a cute daughter named Ziva, aged six years. Dhoni was on national duty when Ziva was born and couldn’t meet her only daughter for roughly two months because he was the captain of the world cup team and couldn’t have left the team for personal reasons then. 

Sakshi has a good chance of making Dhoni happy as the latter is set to turn forty in two days. Dhoni would be satisfied with such a lovely family who lives, stays, and enjoys each other’s happy moments together. Sakshi has also been a lovely wife and has supported Dhoni’s decisions, and has been with him during the tough times. This is what makes a marriage perfect, and this is when these gifts tend to be a handful in keeping everyone in the family happy and full of joy.