Ben Stokes! What a nerve racking, exciting, topsy-turvy, heart-stopping, tie-breaker of a historic day of cricket it has been! (not even counting the tie-struck, nail biting Wimbledon finals that was going on at the same time!)

I have been privileged to watch one of the best games in the history of the sport and definitely the best World Cup finals ever – even Hollywood wouldn’t have been able to script a more thrilling finish.

To tie twice in a day is nothing short of a miracle that you guys manufactured.

Kane Williamson & Co. – kudos to you guys for making a 250 score sexy again; for exhibiting grit, resolve, belief & skill of the highest order & most importantly for showing the world how to play a game in the right spirit. To tie twice in a day is nothing short of a miracle that you guys manufactured. It must be gut wrenching to have lost your 2nd World Cup finals in a row but what mattered most is that you fought tooth & nail till the last iota of a second like champions – Jacinda Arden & your country will be immensely proud of what you guys have achieved for your people, in what’s been quite a challenging year. Am glad that your smart, calm, capable & ‘leading from the front’ leadership that usually is underrated was recognized with the Man of the Series award!

Ben Stokes you guys showed what middle order batting should be like. When it mattered the most, you guys brought out ‘Plan B’, which had been missing till date and took your country home. Eoin Morgan, what a turnaround from 21st June when it seemed it was all over. You guys looked like a different side ever since you won against India and everyone including Roy, Bairstow, Woakes, Plunkett came to the party and you guys came up tops to gift the host country it’s first ever Cricket World Cup. Stunning & magical to say the least.

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If this had happened to Team India in the finals, I would have cried.

If this had happened to Team India in the finals, I would have cried and hidden somewhere in Lords without being able to watch the paralyzing end. Wonderful to see how fans of both sides at Lords were cheering for good cricket right till the 612th ball.

It’s been such a pleasure & honour to be here to witness the finals as a neutral fan. I was rooting for the Kiwis for their sporting spirit and for their ability to make the most of everything but the head always felt that “it was coming home” to London this time and they deserve it totally given how hard they fought to make a comeback. I have experienced once what it feels like to win a World Cup as hosts and I wish London parties as hard, if not harder than what we did in Marine Drive on 2nd April 2011!

With this, the sporting summer comes to an end for me. It’s been a fabulous, exciting & emotional month for me with a lot of firsts! To have witnessed 7 live games across 2 global sporting competitions in the UK in a month is a matter of real privilege and boy it’s been worth everything. A big thank you to my family & colleagues for encouraging and supporting me to ensure that this dream came true.

ODI Cricket & Cricket World Cup – you are alive as hell and thank you for the massive entertainment and fun. See you in India in 4 years!

14th July 2019 – you have been immortalized and will be remembered forever!

England won the Super Over after a tie with 241 runs in 50 overs.
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Written by: Guest Author Prantik Mazumdar

Instagram handle: @pranmaz