We have reached the final match day of the English Premier League, and another season is going down in history as one of the greatest seasons. This season of the EPL was unique and unusual, and wouldn’t be forgotten in the years and decades to come. These are the five things Premier league fans should look forward to on the final match day

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  1. Players leaving the club

Another year is going by, and it would be the last time we would be seeing some of these players play. Some of them are running out of contract, and some of the player’s loans are coming to an end. One of the most significant players who’ll play his last match is the excellent Sergio Aguero. He has been a legend at City and would be playing his last game for his beloved club. He will be remembered for his final day heroics in the 2011/12 season after scoring the goal that won them the title that season. Gareth Bale’s homecoming will also come to an end on Sunday, and he will return to Real Madrid next season. It would be up to Spurs to buy Bale or not. Harry Kane, also from the spurs, has decided that he wants to leave the club at the end of the season and be transferred as soon as possible. These are the three leading players who will most likely be playing their last games for their clubs.

2) Relegated Teams

This year, the relegation battle was a mere formality instead of a struggle between different clubs. Sheffield United would be going to the championship after their two-year stay back in the Premier League. They had a fantastic season last year, but injuries this season in critical areas led to them being relegated this season. The other two teams were Fulham and West Brom. Both the teams were promoted last year and would go back into the championship after a disappointing first season back. It would be their final match in the premier league this season, and they would be hoping to make a return as soon as possible.

3) Homecoming of the fans

After a long-awaited wait through each match day during the season, fans were finally back in good attendance during the last match day. Ten teams out of the 20 would be giving their fans the last glimpse of this season and would love to win their respective games for their fans. Fans, at the same time, should keep following the Covid-19 protocols. The teams, players as well as their fans would be hoping to come and cheer for every game next season onwards.

4) Top four race

The top four of the premier league is still not decided, and will be decided on the final match day of the season. Two places (third and fourth) are up for grabs, and three teams (Chelsea, Liverpool, and Leicester City) are still fighting for those spots. Chelsea and Liverpool look like they will seal the deal, and take those spots. Leicester City needs to make sure that either one of Chelsea or Liverpool drops points and at the same time, ensure that they get the win over Tottenham Hotspur. The race will go right down the wire, and teams will be looking to do their absolute best to make sure they earn the spots. The top four spots in the premier league mean the teams qualify for next season’s champions league, which is a massive thing for the clubs.

5) Crowning of the champions 

Manchester City was crowned champions of the premier league last week when Leicester beat Manchester United. Manchester City dominated the premier league this season, and they would love to end the season on a high. After the match is completed, it is time for the coronation party of the champions. It has been a long and tiring season, and Manchester City would have been desiring this day for long, and it is coming soon for them. It is their third title in four years, and they will be looking to defend the title next year.

Another excellent premier league season will be over in a couple of days, and we have seen almost everything this year. We have seen a maximum of 12 teams leading the league this season, which is a league-high ever in history. Fans would be hoping for a similar sort of season next year.