Pitch invasion has become a regular instance in matches these days. Fans and supporters of teams tend to invade the pitch and try to take away viewers’ attention in the stadiums and the fans sitting at home and viewing the match. Over the turn of the century, we have seen different types of pitch invaders. Some might jump the fence, some might come naked onto the pitch, some tend to join goal celebrations, and some go and hit the players behind their backs. This time we have seen a different kind of pitch invasion just before starting the Group F match of the Euros between France and Germany.

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Just before the start of the match, something was seen entering the stadium from the open rooftop of the Allianz Arena, it flew, and it came inside the stadium. The parachute and the person entered the stadium were perilous as it could have injured the fans in one stand of the stadium. Even during the entry of the parachute, it collided with some wires and had hit a technician who was revealed injured later. The good news is, no one was severely wounded, and the technician was taken immediately to the paramedics on hand at the stadium. Upon the parachute landing, the person on it was attended by German defenders, Antonio Rudiger and Mats Hummels. After the security guards at the stadium took the invader away from the field and most probably out of the stadium. After this slight pause before the start of play, a great match between two great teams began. It was a high-intensity match as both the teams wanted to get off a winning start. France got the win through a Mats Hummels own goal in the first half and kept it tight right till the end. It was indeed a gripping game to watch as two teams battled for the victory. After the match, Twitter flooded with the news about this invader, and it was revealed that this was a tactical set-up for a protest against Volkswagen, which is one of the sponsors of the UEFA euros. The person who invaded the pitch through the parachute was part of Greenpeace’s organization, and they aim to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. 

In the end, the protest was stopped peacefully, and everyone was safe after all the precautions that were taken. But thought will always remain in our minds about what other ways fans can invade the pitch?