Twitter has become the go-to social media platform when anything goes viral on the internet. Even the most minor thing that can make a person laugh or cry can be found on Twitter. It offers features that neither Facebook nor Instagram offers. It has features like Retweet, Embedding tweet, which are not found on any other social media platform. There is also a separate section of trending that shows the user what is going on around the world. Another essential characteristic that can be found is that it offers the trending feature in different sections. Suppose a person wants to see what is trending in sports, trending in politics, amongst others. It provides a lot of choice to the user and is considered a path for news in the current and future generations. 

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Twitter is also known to be a platform where people express their views and opinions without any hesitation about any topic that comes to their mind. They can write about any incident that might have taken place recently or a few years back. One such incident took place in the opening match of the Euro 2020 between Italy and Turkey. Before the start of the match, a toy car that was open at the top and was remote-controlled carried the match ball to the center of the pitch. When the vehicle reaches the destination, the match referee can take the ball and start the play as soon as everything and everyone is in place. It was very amusing and innovative when it happened, and no one in the audience or the fans sitting at home knew that this was the procedure to be followed. Twitter also burst onto the scene when this took place, and fans and users had mixed reactions. Some felt that it is pretty amusing but should not be done as the standard procedure of the referee bringing the ball is efficient and time-saving. While some thought that this could be a sign and the start of things to come, it provides laughter to the fans and the players. Some users were using this as an incident to joke and make memes about, which is also another great thing. The match, however, was pretty one-sided as Italy thrashed underdogs Turkey by three goals to nil. It was a very tight first half, but everything changed once the first goal was scored. Italy will now face Switzerland this coming Thursday.

Whether this new technique will continue in the times to come or just a one-off thing remains to be seen. But anyway, it provided entertainment to everyone watching across the world for sure.