Other than taking Team India to unchartered heights, Ravi Shastri also gave us a number of frivolous moments as a head coach of Team India. Be it his hilarious press conference, or his drunk appearance, Shastri has been a butt of jokes on social media.

But he has always taken these jokes with utmost grace. A few months ago when he was asked about the incessant trolling he faces, Shastri said: “I quite enjoyed some of them (memes). That’s talent also. When they suddenly make me have a paunch, then it disappears the next day. There are bottles everywhere, it is a laugh at my expense. So at least in tough times you kept people in good humour. I would like to invite some of them for a drink,” Shastri told India Today’s Rajdeep Sardesai.

While his India tenure came to an end after the T20 World Cup last year, he continues to enjoy being in the limelight. On Friday, Shastri once again grabbed everyone’s attention with a series of posts on Twitter. 

In his first post of the day, Shastri is seen clad in a neon jacket, with a gold chain hanging around his neck, at a pub. If his eccentric clothing was not enough, the former head coach accompanied it with a funky caption: “My family lives in Mumbai and I live in the moment.”

Three hours later, Shastri posted another picture of him talking to a woman. He wrote: You’re in her DMs. She’s on my VIP guestlist.” The led to a lot of speculation, with some wondering if Shastri was drunk or if his account was hacked.

Some compared him to a hip-hop artist The Weeknd, some felt his pictures are giving proper mafia vibes. 

Of late, CRED has roped in many prominent cricketers, including Rahul Dravid, for their advertisement. Many commented this might be the promotional posts for CRED.


Featured Image Credit: @Ravi Shastri