Captains in cricket have a lot of things to do and to keep in mind. They have to set the field, select the squad, make the right bowling changes, face the press amongst others, and at the same time give their best in all departments. It is one hectic job, but many people will be after and will be doing anything to do. Cricket captains tend to earn a lot of money as a salary from their respective cricket boards. Today we look at the five highest-paid international Cricket captains.

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5) Dean Elgar – 3.2 Crores annually

Dean Elgar is the new test captain for the South African team. He is one of the most experienced test batsmen on the side and knows his role as a captain and a player. Even though the South African Cricket Board is not one of the wealthiest in the world, they make sure they can keep their players happy with the money through salaries.

4) Aaron Finch – 4.87 Crores annually

Aaron Finch was appointed captain of the Australian white-ball sides after the unfortunate ball-tampering incident in Cape Town. He has done a remarkable job since then and has deserved the role as well as the pay raise. As a captain and player, his form has certainly improved from before, and he will continue this in the years to come by.

3) Tim Paine – 4.87 Crores annually

Tim Paine is another captain of Australia appointed after the infamous ball-tampering incident in South Africa. He has done a decent job until now and has been a good captain, but the problem lies within his keeping and batting that has been abysmal up since he became captain. Nevertheless, the test captain of Australia is something to be proud of, and the salary is pretty good and the same as the Aaron Finch.

2) Virat Kohli – 7 crores annually

This might come as a surprise for some of you, but Virat Kohli is second on this list and not first. The Indian cricket board has allotted seven crores out of their budget for their captain, and he has been doing more than a beautiful job in all formats and is on the verge of his first ICC trophy in the World Test Championship final against New Zealand. He has been doing well as a batsman and scoring mega hundreds, and standing up to oppositions like he always did.

1) Joe Root – 8.97 Crores annually

Joe Root, the English Test captain, is the highest-paid player in terms of salaries from his cricket board. He is the highest category player in all the formats for his country and has been doing the job well for his country and winning games in harsh conditions and when his team needs him the most.

All these players are earning good money and are doing the right job for their country for quite some time now and will continue to do so in the future.