The football transfer window is pretty uncertain, and many teams tend to splash out money on high-level players. But at the same time, some teams use their money and knowledge to use and buy quality players at bargain prices. We look at five players who were bought by their teams at bargain prices. 

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5) Cristiano Ronaldo (Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United)

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the most significant player in football history, and getting him on a bargain has to be considered a huge deal. In 2003, Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United paid 12 million pounds, which was a very mediocre fee for a player with his ability. He joined Manchester United, and made the side look unbeatable. He was at his clinical best when he joined United and scored more than 150 goals in his six seasons. After that, he was sold to Real Madrid in 2009 for 80 Million Pounds. It was the most considerable profit then and was an excellent signing for United. 

4) Andy Robertson (Hull City to Liverpool)

Andy Robertson is currently among the best left-backs globally, and all because of Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp. He was considered one of the biggest flops when Hull City was part of the Premier League, but it turned out to be a brilliant move for Liverpool as they have a long-term solution in Robertson at the left-back role. He has been one of the best assist makers from the wing. He was signed for a low price of eight million pounds in July 2017, and his worth is more than 60 million pounds currently. This shows his revival and how he has proved the faith of Jurgen Klopp.

3) Riyad Mahrez (Le Havre to Leicester City)

Riyad Mahrez joined Leicester City in January 2014 from the french league two sides Le Havre for a very cheap price of five hundred thousand pounds. He was a vital member of the Leicester team who won the EPL in 2015-16. He was the PFA Player of the Year, which speaks about his role in the team and his contribution to the team in their title-winning season. In July 2018, he signed for Manchester City in the Premier League for a whopping sixty million pounds, which was a great deal of business for Leicester City.

Jamie Vardy (Fleetwood Town to Leicester City)

Jamie Vardy is the complete player the premier league has ever seen. He has reached the top of the footballing world after many hardships. He has been with Leicester for a very long time and has to be considered their best-ever player. He was signed from Fleetwood Town for one million pounds and has been the best bargain the English leagues have ever seen. He, along with Mahrez, was instrumental in their title-winning campaign in 2015-16. He recently won the FA Cup and was a crucial player in the team as well. He is still at the club, and his worth is more than thirty million pounds.

Robert Lewandowski (Borussia Dortmund to Bayern Munich)

Bayern Munich signed a player like Robert Lewandowski on a free transfer. It was shocking when this happened, and we still don’t know how the Borussia Dortmund management agreed to this deal. Nonetheless, he has been an absolute banging signing for the club, winning the league title in all seven years since he has joined the club. He won the treble in the 2019-20 season. Along with that, he has since become the second-highest goal-scorer in Bundesliga history.

These were the top five players who were signed at bargain prices. Many other underrated players might have been part of the list, but couldn’t make the cut.