Lewandowski had established himself as one of the greatest players not only in Bundesliga history but in footballing history as well. He has been scoring goals for fun and winning titles in Germany almost every year. He has also delivered on the world stage proving his accolades as a player. We look at the five most significant achievements of his till now: –

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5) Fastest hat-trick in the Bundesliga

He held the record of the fastest hat-trick in Bundesliga history when he scored three quick-fire goals in under four minutes. This event happened while he was playing with Bayern Munich in the Allianz Stadium against Wolfsburg. This was one of the most staggering nights he would ever have in his illustrious career. He changed the complexion of the game by scoring these goals helping his team win the match. He also broke the record of most goals by a single player after coming on as a substitute. He scored five goals in nine minutes, which is seemingly thought impossible but has been completed.

4) Fastest Non-German player to score 100 Bundesliga goals

The statistic speaks for itself and proves Lewandowski’s worth as a player and as a striker. Hundred Bundesliga goals are not easy to score, but doing it faster than anyone across the world speaks wonders about the player. Such a record would be hard to be broken and would take some sensational doing to overhaul this. German players dominate the Bundesliga, and to make a name for themselves, Lewandowski made sure he did everything in his stride to get the respect he deserved.

3) Polish Player of the year

Robert Lewandowski represents his country Poland in all the major football tournaments that are held across the world. Like every other football federation, Poland also rewards its best player across the year with an award. In the last decade, he has won the award nine times out of the ten times it was announced. This speaks volumes about his dominance not only over club football but also for his national team. He is surrounded by some great Polish players as well and to win it ahead of them is something worth more than a milestone.

2) Breaking Gerd Muller’s record

Gerd Muller, a german great who dominated the league during his era. He scored 40 goals in his 34 appearances in that season. It was considered the most challenging record to be broken, but it enters Lewandowski and shatters the record. Muller completed his goals in 34 appearances, while it took Robert only 29 appearances to score the 41 goals this season. Robert Lewandowski himself can only break this record, and no one soon can come close to this fantastic record

1) Second highest Bundesliga Goal scorer

A record that hasn’t been broken, but Lewandowski has for sure made his eyes on is the highest goalscorer record in Bundesliga history. Lewandowski is a guy who will be looking to break this record as soon as possible and has time on his side. Lewandowski’s Bundesliga story is far from over, so expect plenty more records to tumble in the years to come. He is just 88 goals shy of the fantastic record and would take Lewandowski around three to four seasons to break that. But if he has locked his eyes on that record, no one can steal it from him. 

Lewandowski will be remembered for the years as well as generations to come. His goal-scoring techniques are unmatched across the world, and it is true he will be one of the greatest ever to take the field and play in the Bundesliga.