We have often seen that people have superstitions about various things. It can be as small as keeping a tiny statue of a god in your car. Some people believe in superstitions, and some believe these are not needed at all. But in the end, it is the decision of every individual, and it is up to them what makes them happy. Top people in business tend to do weird superstitions to get more money or stay rich and healthy. An odd incident in football where the AC Milan President has included strange superstitions in the deal.

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Sandro Tonali is one of the brightest young prospects, and his excellent all-round ability for Brescia in the 2019-20 season caught everyone’s attention. AC Milan and other clubs were undoubtedly interested in the now 19-year-old. AC Milan is known to breed the young talent and signed him for a one-year loan with a buy option. Tonali impressed everyone with his ability and has proved himself again in the league. This has tempted AC Milan to buy him from Brescia, and the details are almost finalised. Brescia President Massimo Cellino agreed upon the deal, but the delay is still there because of the superstitions by the president himself. Tonali will not cost 17M (+Olzer), but 16.99M. This is because the number 17 brings bad luck. Also, it will not be made official on Tuesday because this day is considered unlucky by the president of Brescia, Cellino. Such superstitions are considered pretty weird in the football world and can cause many delays if done at the end of the transfer window.

It remains to be seen whether the deal will go through on Wednesday or not and whether Tonali can live up to the expectations and the hype that has been created around him and for his evergreen abilities.