Representing your country at the Olympics is one of the biggest things in an athlete’s life. Maana Patel who becoming one of the first females at swimming for your country at the Olympic games is something that only people can dream of. Swimming is one of the most passionate sports, and people worldwide get qualified to be the eight to participate in different formats of the sport. Over the years, swimming at the Olympics has seen significant changes and has recently stabilized to 34 events at every Olympics – the second-highest after athletics. This year, however, the number of events to be conducted has seen a marginal increase to 37, increasing the total number of medals in the sport from 102 to 111.

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Maana Patel, earlier this week, became the first Indian female swimmer to be part of the Tokyo Olympics. Maana had been a champion at swimming since her childhood days, and her house is filled with medals of her achievements. She has been swimming since the tender age of seven and has started to break records since then. She was selected for the Olympic Gold Quest in 2015. She had won the silvers in 50 meters, 100 meters, and 200-meter backstroke; bronze in 50-meter freestyle; gold in 4×100 meter freestyle relay; 4×100 meter medley relay 12th South Asian Games (2016). She started swimming in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, which was where her journey to success began. Maana is currently training under coach Peter Carswell at the Glenmark Aquatic Foundation in Mumbai. Earlier in her school days, she was a bright commerce student at her school, Udgam School for Children, Ahmedabad.

Maana will participate in the 100m backstrokes at the Tokyo Games and is the third Indian swimmer to have qualified after Srihari Nataraj. Sajan Prakash achieved Olympic Qualification Timing (OQT) ‘A’ level recently. India’s hopes will depend on Maana, and she would be hoping to repay the faith of the fans and Indians watching her worldwide.

Image Credit : Hindustan Times