Alright then. So you’ve decided to take up mountain biking and are looking for a great mountain bike to start your adventure. Well, we’ve got you covered. 

Almost everything is bought online nowadays and Amazon is the king of online retailers. Of course, if you’re more comfortable heading out to a store and physically purchasing a mountain bike then you’re welcome to do so. But for those who are looking for a more convenient option, this is the route you go. 

Every mountain bike listed here is different in its own way with different price points, build quality, tyre width, etc. Choose the ideal mountain bike based on the type of terrain you’re planning to ride on. Even though every bike on here is capable of going over almost every terrain, some are more equipped to face a specific kind. 

Take a look at the five highest-rated mountain bikes on Amazon right now:


Cosmic Trium Special Edition Hardtrail 

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AXAN Fat Bicycle

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Kross Maximus 26T Single Speed 

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STURDY BIKES Mountain Carbon Steel 

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TATA Stryder Contino Big Rock Speed 

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