The World Test Championship final winner has been played, and the winning team would get a winning prize of $1.6 million US Dollars. Along with that, the winner of the World Test Championship final would get the ICC Test mace. It was the prize that used to be given to the top-ranked team in the ICC Test Rankings, but now it would be given to the winner of the ICC World Test Championship. So first, we look at how and who made the World Test Championship Mace.

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The first-ever ICC Test Mace was created in 2000 by Trevor Brown, a renowned trophy designer. He reveals the reason as to why the design of a test mace is like that. He says that in one of the incidents after a team won a test match, he saw a player grab the stump after victory as a souvenir which is the real reason for the design of the ICC Test mace. He adds that as the stump was waved aloft, it occurred to him that a mace could stand out against a typical cup design and be something entirely different. Cricket is undoubtedly known to be a different sport than other sports, and this design of a trophy certainly proves that. The unique design and figure of the ICC Test Mace certainly show how different test cricket is from other sports formats. Teams have to give it their all to win in every test match and give everything they have to get the ICC test mace. The World Test Championship certainly provides the platform for the best of the best, and New Zealand today has undoubtedly proved that they are the best. They have overcome the demons of the 2015 and 2019 World Cup campaigns and finally won their first-ever ICC tournament. On the other hand, India is still waiting for their first ICC title since the 2013 Champions trophy, which ironically came today eight years ago. They would still be contemplating various decisions during the game and would still try to seek revenge whenever they faced New Zealand next in an ICC tournament.

The ICC Test Mace will go to New Zealand and be its holder for the next two years until the next winner comes up and claims it. A huge shout-out certainly goes to New Zealand captain Kane Williamson and his team, who have shown courage and class throughout the test match.