South Korea extended its dominance in archery as both the women’s and men’s teams grabbed gold at the Tokyo Olympics. Let’s take a look at other countries that have ruled over a specific sport over decades. 

China: Table Tennis 

Table Tennis obtained eminence in China in the early 1900s, and was contemplated to be country’s unconfirmed national sport by the time, the sport made its debut in Olympics in 1988. Till now, China has won an astonishing 28 out of 32 gold medals at the Olympics. China’s dominance in Table Tennis is such that they export players to other countries but in recent times, their dominance has dwindled after they lost mixed doubles to Japan on Monday. 

United States Of America: Basketball 

Basketball was added to Olympics in 1936 for men and 1976 for women and since then, the USA has possessed the sport in all but one campaign. Out of 19 Olympic gold offered in men’s basketball, the USA has won 15 of them, and in women’s 8 out of 11 Olympic gold, which demonstrates the impact the USA had over basketball. They have won a medal in basketball at the Olympics each and every time. The NBA is, of course, a big reason for that, but the most popular basketball league in the world is also slowly helping bring up other countries in this sport. 

Japan: Judo 

In accordance with the rules of Judo, each country can send one athlete per weight class. Since the addition of Judo in the Olympics in 1964, athletes from Japan have won the gold medals in almost every Olympic. The country has won 84 medals in Judo, all because of the 50 athletes it has sent to compete in this sport every year.  Judo is the only Olympic sport in which Japan has won more medals than any other nation. 

Hungary: Men’s Water Polo 

In the initial times, Hungary wasn’t a dominating force in this game, countries like Sweden and Great Britain dominated then. But when they won silver in 1928, there was no looking back. In the next 18 editions, Hungary won 9 medals. From 1928 to 2008, the Hungarian men’s water polo team won medals in each edition of the Olympics except three. This included three silver medals and as many bronze. 

Cuba: Boxing 

In boxing, Cuba has always faced tough competition from USA. As a matter of fact, USA has won more medals in Olympics than Cuba- 113 to 73. But what gives Cuba the advantage is that when these two countries have engaged at the Olympics since 1972, Cuba has won more medals than USA. The sport has accounted for nearly one-third of the country’s 220 Olympic medals.