Virat Kohli is one of the biggest names of world cricket and is considered one of the game’s utter greats. He has been at the peak of his game for quite some time now and has always been above others in all formats. He has an attacking sense of tactics as a captain, which has its ups and downs. Virat has had his share of criticism for quite a while now and knows how to give it back to his haters. Daily, Virat is either given advice, trolled, or appreciated for his work by many people on social media.

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West Indies legendary bowler Michael Holding has asked Kohli to tone it down a bit. He said this on-air, and he meant that Kohli should not express his feelings too much and soak up the pressure instead of giving it back to the opposition. Holding said that Kohli is just like another West Indies legend Viv Richards, who was known for his attacking tactics and was overly expressive just like Kohli. Holding added that he needs to be a little less expressive as it tends to put a lot of pressure on his players and considers the players to be on tenterhooks. Twitter, when they got to know about these statements, had very mixed reactions to these statements. While some pundits, experts, and fans agree with the information and feel that the West Indies legend is right about his opinion about Kohli and would want the Indian Captain to reduce his expressions. On the other hand, fans and other experts oppose this statement and feel that Kohli’s expressions and passion drive him and his team to do better and strive in all the matches.

Virat faces many backlashes these days after his team’s loss in the World Test Championship final to New Zealand and has a lot of pressure to deliver an ICC title sooner rather than later. Virat wouldn’t even reply or encourage these statements, even if anyone makes them, and very well knows how to deal with pressure and the people who hate him succeeding.