Due to a pay dispute between BCCI and ICC, India might not participate in the Champions Trophy. It’ll be a huge blow for the sponsors, the TV channels and everyone associated with the tournament. Without doubt, India brings in the lion’s share of revenue and viewers. However, on the brighter side, the exit might have a few positive outcomes. After all, every cloud has a silver lining.

It’ll give WI a chance to participate

West Indies are not participating in this edition. So, if India opt out, they might be included as the 8th team. They are making all the right moves too at the moment, having beaten Pakistan comprehensively in the second Test.

Students can study for their exams

A tournament like Champions Trophy can wreak havoc on students who are cricket fanatics. Without the tournament, they may finally find the time to read their books and ace their exams.

A loss won’t break hearts, or cause vandalism

If India qualified and got eliminated in the initial stage itself, there would have been a lot of backlash. It was quite possible too, considering the players are tired from so much cricket.

The players can finally get back to their life

The Indian players have had a long season, followed by a gruelling IPL. They are humans too, and need to take a break just like the rest of us.

We might see a surprise winner in New Zealand or England

New Zealand, England and South Africa don’t have a trophy cabinet that they can be proud of. They’ll certainly like to add to that number by winning this time. One of their biggest roadblocks – the Indian ODI team, may not be there this time.