Mumbai Indians have been on a roll with their back-to-back wins in the 2020 Indian Premiere League Tournament (IPL). The team earned a hattrick victory against Rajasthan Royals last night, and rose to the top of the IPL points table. But their victory wasn’t the talking point among fans, but was instead Krunal Pandya. Not for his exceptional batting performance, though, but because of his batting expression. Here’s what happened:

Mumbai Indians decided to change their batting order for the match, and chose to send Pandya and Kieron Pollard earlier. But it looked like both the players didn’t expect the change and headed out to the pitch with weird expressions on their faces. That was enough. The Internet latched on, and the memes started being churned out.

Sit back, and scroll through some of the funniest memes we found on the Twitterverse: