The IPL (Indian Premier League) is the biggest franchise cricket tournament globally, and it was the first league to be started in the cricket world. The BCCI (Board of Cricket Council of India) has done a brilliant job over the years and has hosted over thirteen IPLs till now, with the fourteenth edition set to be completed this year. They have come up against obstacles such as the Covid-19 pandemic, betting within the teams, elections, and whatnot. There have been times when they couldn’t even keep the IPL in India and collaborated with other boards to host the edition in other countries. The BCCI is set to launch two more franchises to make it a ten-team event.

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The BCCI is set to finalise two more teams for the fifteenth edition of the IPL. There are rumours from the BCCI sources that these teams will be finalised by the end of July with a guarantee. A ten-team event would make IPL even more significant, better, bolder, and much more competitive than before. There are no such things about the change in qualification format, and the IPL will have the same structure with more teams, and only four of those ten teams will be able to make it to the all-important play-off rounds with a chance to win the coveted trophy. The popularity of cricket in India and around the world is something of astonishing nature. This would be the perfect time to add more teams in the league as the mega auction event is scheduled for the next edition, and giving an equal chance to everyone would be the perfect way to start. This is an excellent chance for high-profile business people to use their money to invest in the future. We have often seen people invest money into the IPL by becoming owners and earn back their money over time through TV rights deals, sponsorships, branding, merchandise, and prize money. There will be many people who will be eyeing to be one of the two owners of the new IPL franchises. There has been no confirmation from the BCCI or the IPL about the names and locations from which these franchises will originate.

The IPL’s fourth edition back in 2011 was the first time it had ten teams, making it a huge event. But due to lack of funding by the two newly added teams, they had to be kicked out over time. It remains to be seen whether or not the newly added teams will be here for a short period or not.