Virat Kohli, current captain of the Indian Cricket team and the mega-franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore captain, is a celebrity in his own right. He is the coolest person off the field, and is as fiery on the field. He is also married to actor Anushka Sharma, and they have a baby girl named Vamika. Virat Kohli and Sharma have been married for more than two years now and were dating for around three years before getting married. 

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In almost all his talk show appearances, Virat Kohli has praised Sharma, and has mentioned many facts about their relationship as well. He speaks highly of her, and we have seen a significant change in Kohli and his behaviour on and off the field. He is much calmer in pressuring situations, which he wasn’t earlier. Virat speaks about such facts, and how Sharma has helped him gain motivation and confidence during his lowest times, and has spoken about how they have been there for each other whenever needed. 

But very few people know about Izabelle Leite. Izabelle is a Brazilian actress and model who has worked in the Bollywood film industry as well. She did her first film with Aamir Khan in the stellar movie ‘Talaash: The answer lies within. Izabelle Leite is Virat Kohli’s ex-girlfriend, who he dated for two years, notably from 2012 to 2014. Most people and the media knew about their relationship, and she gained a lot of limelight in 2013-14. Their affair was revealed to the media in 2013-14. After the break up with Virat Kohli, Leite spoke openly about her relationship with Kohli in an interview. “Yes, we were in a relationship for two years. This relationship ended with mutual consent,” she had said. Leite is again in the spotlight of social media when her pictures have started to surface, and are going viral, given the connection to Kohli.