Mo Salah’s impressive career trajectory has everyone talking about the Liverpool player. Salah scored an incredible goal as his team smashed Watford in the Premier League clash on October 16. The Reds claimed a 5-0 win over the Hornets at Vicarage Road, with Mo Salah bagging yet another breath-taking solo goal. Everyone was impressed by the footballer’s performance but what dazzled Watford’s goalkeeper was his conversation with Salah.

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Foster revealed in a video, “The bit I want to talk about in particular is about Mo Salah and what he said to me at full-time that made me think: ‘Oh my gosh, you are so professional, so driven. You want to be the best you can possibly be’.”

He went on to narrate why he felt so and said how even after winning the game, he came to Foster to ask about his game strategies. “He’s gone: ‘If I’d have got a penalty, which way would you have dived?’ Now, as soon as he said that, I thought: ‘Oh, you clever, clever boy’ because we do our research. All the goalkeepers out there do their research on strikers and we’ll try and find out where their last four, five or 10 penalties might have gone, for example, and Mo Salah’s last five penalties he put to the goalkeeper’s right. So I’ve looked at him and I’ve gone: ‘Ah okay. I’d have gone to my right. I’d have dived to my right because you put your last five penalties to the right’.”

He went on to add that “A big smile came up on his face, a big grin, and he went: ‘Yeah, thank you. I need to know, I need to know’. This only proved how professional the Liverpool player is and even after winning the game 5-0, scoring an unbelievable goal and being Man of the Match, he needed to know the tiny little details to get better at his game.

Interestingly, this is not the only lesson we can take from Mo Salah about work ethics. he has always been about making the right decisions and of course, moves. Here are a few lessons we can learn from him.

Working Hard Towards Your Dreams

Whatever Salah has achieved, it is all because of his hard work. He grabbed every possible opportunity that came his way and managed to come this far. He started by playing football with Grassroots Pepsi Football League “Dawry Al Madares” and started professionally playing football in 2008 with Arab Contractors SC -El Mokawloon Al Arab, and the rest is history.

Acknowledging Your Weaknesses

While Salah may have been tagged as the ‘Egyptian Messi’ by his fans, he knows where his weakness lies. He is not demure about discussing his weakness and often talks about how he needs to improve the use his right foot more since he is a lefty, work on his shooting from outside the box. He knows his weaknesses and strong suit and is working laboriously to evolve both.

Team Work

Another thing that talks bounds about his professionalism is his faith in his team. He believes in teamwork and always inspires others to stay humble, helpful and cooperative. He inspires his team members to do more and work in harmony as one unit.

“That’s why Mo Salah, he’s at the top, guys. He is the top,” Foster said concluding his video, and we totally agree with what he says.

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