While Paris Saint-Germain fans rejoice, FCB fans, you can continue being hurt. Lionel Messi has expressed that the chances of Neymar Jr’s return to FCB are close to impossible, primarily because of the money.

The Argentinian star sat down with Spanish journalist Jordi Évole for an interview in which he went over  several different topics, including rumours of the Brazilian superstar’s potential return to FC Barcelona. However, Messi shut down the rumours, saying that a move for Neymar is not possible at this time due to the club’s current financial situation.

“How do you pay Paris [PSG] for the transfer? It is not easy, it will be a difficult situation for the new president. He will have to be very intelligent, get everything in order and make many changes to make it go well,” Messi said to La Sexta.

He added, “It will also be difficult to bring in players because we need money and there is no money. There are several important current players we need to fight again for everything and you have to pay them.”


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Neymar was primarily responsible for fueling the FCB transfer rumours. The Brazilian recently told ESPN that he wanted to play alongside his former teammate next year.

“What I want the most is to enjoy playing with him [Lionel Messi] again. He can play in my role, it wouldn’t be a problem with me! For sure, next year we have to do it.”

However, Lionel Messi explained what Neymar meant, and said he, Luis Suarez and Neymar still maintain a cordial relationship. “He [Neymar] didn’t say, ‘Let’s play,’ he said, ‘I’d like to play’ … right? Yes, we talk from time to time. The three of us either with him or with Luis [Suarez] every day. We maintain the relationship.”


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