Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather met in Miami for their much-awaited clash. This clash was one for the ages and one that genuinely says the future has arrived. A decade ago, no one in the world would have thought that the best boxer of all time would fight against a big YouTuber, and this clash will be viewed by billions if not millions.

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The match nonetheless was an enthralling one, keeping the fans entertained till the very last second. Before the game, everyone had thought that the game would be over sooner rather than later and had predicted a Mayweather win. But who knew the match would have no winners even after eight rounds. Mayweather and Paul went the distance and tried to flash punches on one another, hoping for a knockout victory. The game plan for Mayweather was set. He wanted to make the match last longer and make sure that Paul is gasping for energy and breath. His plan was working pretty well, and Paul was out of breath by the fourth round, but that didn’t mean he would give up. In all the rounds after that, he used to face all the punches and, at the same time, reciprocate the moves in clinch positions. Credit to Logan Paul, he looks a lot more polished than he did against KSI(Youtuber). He has improved a lot since that fight, and it was evident in the contest. Since it was an exhibition match, there were no winners, and if a winner had to be found, it had to be through a knockout which didn’t happen.

After the match, both the players applauded each other’s magnificent efforts. Logan Paul has already hinted that he is proud of what he has achieved in the match, and he would train harder and work harder for the next fight against Mayweather if a part two happens. But all-in-all, it was a treat to watch for the spectators and the viewers from around the world.