After managing to keep Lionel Messi in the club, FC Barcelona will now be losing a key player — Luis Suarez.

According to a report by Goal, Suarez had struck an official deal with FCB to leave the club for free and join Atletico Madrid. But all is not good. Suarez is now “furious” after FCB backed out of its verbal agreement when Suarez came close to officially signing on.

FCB did agree to let Suarez go for free only if he does not join a rival team like  Real Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain or Juventus. Hence, Suarez managed to strike a deal with Atletico Madrid, hoping to move the the team for free since it wasn’t on the list.


ESPN reported that Suarez is “considering holding a news conference alongside his lawyers” if Barca don’t clear the transfer.

Suarez is hoping to resolve the problems and officially get transferred before the window closes October 5.