Lionel Messi is currently completing his term at FC Barcelona, and will eventually be free to leave at the end of the season. While almost every single team will be scrambling to get him on board, it will ultimately be Messi’s decision. But his friend and ex-teammate, Luis Suarez, has some advice for him.

Suarez will try to convince Messi to come over to his team, Atletico Madrid, but he will still happily support his friend’s decision to move to another team if he chooses to.

“I’ll always say it: Leo is mature enough to make the decisions he needs to make by himself. I’ll never try to influence what he does; wherever he’s happy, I’ll always support his right to make the decision that’s best for him,” Suarez told AS.

“If at any point the possibility arises, then he should say so as obviously I’m going to talk very highly of him to the club.

“But as far as suggesting things to him is concerned, I think he’s the one who has to make such decisions and wherever he’s happiest is the best place for him to be.”



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The Messi Mess

After the club’s loss at this year’s Champions League and overall poor performance, Messi was deliberating to move onto another team, which naturally sent the football world into a frenzy. But he decided to stay back at FC Barcelona, for particular reasons.



Messi sent an official fax to Barca where he expressed interest in exercising a clause in his contract which allows him to leave for free. But the club was insistent on him paying his 700 million euro release amount if he intends to leave the club.

Messi also explained how there was an option to take Barca to court, but he didn’t want to go that road with a club that positively contributed to his career.