Without a shadow of doubt, he is. While commentating, the usually banal Ravi Shastri once commented that Dhoni had faster hands than a pick-pocket. Surely, if you look at some of his stumpings and run-outs, you’d agree.

Just last year, India’s team selector MSK Prasad silenced all those who were critical of his place as a batsman in the team. “How many of us believe this fact that MSD is still the best wicketkeeper in the world? We still believe he is still the best wicketkeeper. (People) are only focusing on his batting form. He is an invaluable asset to this team when it comes to crunch situations. (On) his inputs, he has got one of the best brains and he is the best person to guide Virat. Not many people realise that in the last 10 to 15 years that he has been playing for the country, he has never had a bad day with the wicketkeeping gloves. We always treat him more like a batsman, but the phenomenal stuff that he does behind the wickets… not many people appreciate it. According to me, he is still the best wicketkeeper in the world,” he was quoted as saying by cricket.com.au.

That sums up our view too. If you’re still not convinced, then here are a few videos that prove how lethal he can be behind the stumps.


We have the stats to prove it too. We’ll compare the stats of MS Dhoni and 5 other top wicketkeepers in the world to see who comes out on top. In terms of sheer experience, there’s no beating Dhoni. But is he the best in other areas too? Let’s see.

MS Dhoni

297 catches, 107 stumpings in 318 ODI matches

49 catches, 29 stumpings in 88 T20I matches

Tim Paine

41 catches, 4 stumpings in 30 ODI matches

11 catches, 2 stumpings in 12 T20Is

Jos Buttler

133 catches, 18 stumpings in 104 ODIs

22 catches, 3 stumpings in 61 T20Is

Sarfraz Ahmed

85 catches, 22 stumpings in 85 ODIs

19 catches, 7 stumpings in 38 T20Is

Luke Ronchi

105 catches, 12 stumpings in 85 ODIs

24 catches, 5 stumpings in 32 T20Is

Quinton de Kock

116 catches, 6 stumpings in 90 ODIs

30 catches, 9 stumpings in 31 T20Is

Clearly, there’s only one winner and that is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Look at how many stumpings per match the others have done.

*All stats are valid till 22nd February, 2018

Featured image: Shutterstock