Everyone who was devastated after the PUBG ban, can rejoice. An India only version of PUBG will be releasing this June. After the ban on the game by the Indian Government, no other game of that magnitude and intensity was developed. PUBG had reached a stage from where removing/banning it would have impacted the world, not only in India.

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After the Government banned the game, a new game was announced, named FAUG, developed under the Government’s resources and with the help of actor Akshay Kumar. The game was launched on Republic Day this year, but it didn’t live up to the expectations and the hype that it got. The game crashed on its first day itself, as it couldn’t handle the number of people who joined it. They didn’t expect such a massive response to the game, but they failed to live up to their potential. This has led to the decline of that particular game in general, and mobile gaming in India has also seen a devastating fall.

This has prompted the return of an India-only PUBG game that will have the mode of battle royale. This will be a country-specific game designed only for the people in India. To reduce the game’s addiction, there will be a timer to link to the game. They have updated the privacy policy of the game as well. The significant change that we have seen is that people below eighteen will have to give their parent/guardian the number while registering for the game. At the same time, they will not play more than three hours a day, and the maximum in-app purchases they can make is Rs. 7,000 per day. Such restrictions were taken significantly by some, as well as debated by the rest.

PUBG has again got a lot of hype in India, and only time will tell whether this game can prove to live up to the expectations that have risen, or will it be a failure of a game mode like FAUG.