Racial abuse has become a persistent thing not only in cricket but all sports nowadays. If they perform well against some fan’s country, players are subject to racial abuse on social media and in the stadium. It has become a recurring thing in cricket now; we had seen online Abuse of Kyle Jamieson when he took a fifer in the first innings against India in the World Test Championship final a few days ago. Another similar incident can be remembered when Mohammed Siraj was abused in the stadium by some Australian fans and was subject to racial slurs. He did the right thing of telling this incident to his captain and the umpires, who then took prominent action.

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Ross Taylor is one of the finest batsmen from New Zealand, who has been performing on the world stage for quite some time now. He is a class batsman and has seen the rise of New Zealand under Kane Williamson himself. Yesterday, he lifted his first-ever ICC title for his country and was a crucial cog in his side’s victory. As fans returned to the stadium for the ICC World Test Championship final, so did the racial abuse towards players. Two people have been found guilty of racially abusing New Zealand batsman Ross Taylor at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton. Two fans reportedly abused Ross Taylor and were quickly evicted from the stadium. This news occurred when a fan tweeted about this incident and let the concerned authorities know about this issue. The tweet was taken utmost importance, and the two suspected people were evicted from the stadium for the smooth conduct of the game. The names and identities of these two evicted people were not revealed for security purposes which is understandable. It is often seen that social media is why abuse exists, but it can be used for good things if social media is used correctly and sensibly.

Let’s hope that this doesn’t affect the mental health of Ross Taylor, and he can celebrate the victory properly with his teammates and coaching staff. But ICC should have some rules that ensure that these things don’t occur ever to any player or in any stadium.