Sania Mirza is one of the greatest sportspeople to have emerged from India. Sania was part of
the Beijing Olympics team for India. However, that year proved to be a horrific one for Mirza.
She recently opened up on her fight against depression. She has said in an interview that
throughout 2008, she was battling depression.

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In a recent episode of YouTube show Mind Matters, Mirza has spoken about the same. She
suffered an injury to her wrist at the start of the Beijing Olympics. She had to undergo wrist
surgery, ruling her out of the sport for a minimum of five to six months. “It was the 2008 Beijing
Olympics and I had a very bad wrist injury. I went into depression for 3-4 months after that, I
remember crying for no reason. I would be absolutely fine and then I would burst into tears. I
remember not coming out of my room to even eat a meal for over a month.” she said.

“I think many times we rely so much on our career to bring happiness into our lives, we kind of
forget that career is just a part of our lives, it is not really our life,”Mirza added.

Speaking about going through depression, Mirza thanked her family, who helped her stay on the
right track and in the right frame of mind. She said it was their belief that helped her get through
the pain, and reach where she is today.

When she suffered the injury at 20, Mirza thought she wouldn’t be able to play anymore. Now at
34, she has won many medals for the country, notably winning in her home country in the 2012
Commonwealth Games. Mirza has won 14 awards (including six gold) at three major multi-sport
events: the Asian Games, the Commonwealth Games, and the Afro-Asian Games. She has also
won six Grand Slam titles in her career.