The next Cricket World Cup is not far away, and since it’s in India, Indian fans would want their favorite cricketers to lift the trophy at their own home(once again). We will look at the five stadiums with a very realistic chance of hosting a world cup final.

1) Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

This stadium needs no introduction. Everyone remembers the last time a cricket world cup final was held here and what extravaganza took place. That year (in 2011), Dhoni finished off in style against Srilanka, and it has struck Wankhede as an iconic stadium in our minds forever. These ought to be the reasons why we can expect the BCCI and the ICC to host the final here.

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2) G.T Motera Stadium, Ahmedabad

The newly built G.T Motera Stadium or the renamed Narendra Modi Stadium has all the capacity to hold a match of this much significance. The stadium is the largest one in the whole world. It was inaugurated in February 2021 when India and England played out an enthralling test. The stadium showed that in 50% crowd capacity, the roars that you can hear are immense. By 2023, BCCI would be hopeful of allowing the stadium’s full power to the stands to support their team.

3) Eden Gardens, Kolkata

Eden Gardens is known to be the home of cricket in India. The stadium has witnessed some classic matches over the decades, most notably, the 264 runs scored by Rohit Sharma (the highest ever achieved by an individual to date). Another iconic match was the Australia vs. India 2001 test match, where India came back to win the test match after being forced to follow on. Such an iconic stadium can add the title of hosting the Cricket World Cup final as well. Another factor that might add up for this stadium is that the current BCCI President, Sourav Ganguly, is from Kolkata and might want the final to be held in his city.

4) Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium, Delhi

This stadium has had its fair share of ups and downs. But it can’t be ruled out of the race for hosting the World Cup final. After all, the stadium is in the capital of the country. Most of the World Cup finals that are held take place in the capital stadium. This trend is diminishing year upon year, with examples of the 2011 and the 2015 world cup.

5) IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali, Punjab

Most foreign fans might not know about this stadium, but honestly, this is one of the iconic stadiums of all time. It has witnessed great spectacles of cricket and has a brilliant view to offer to the fans and the players. The famous 2011 cricket world cup semi-final between India and their arch-rivals Pakistan was held here. Almost all the major celebrities, including the Prime Ministers from both countries, were present for this momentous occasion. Such factors might play a pivotal role while deciding the stadium for the final.

These five stadiums have a great possibility, and almost all of them can handle a match of this aptitude. Even though the 2023 world cup is far away, the scheduling and planning for the mega cricket event started way before. It remains to be seen which stadium will the BCCI and ICC choose to host this match.