Samit Dravid scored a match-winning 150 in a Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) tournament BTR Under-14 tournament, and we really think that the kid’s got a bright future ahead. We aren’t putting too much pressure on him, but with a father as meticulous as Rahul Dravid, we are sure he’ll be able to take his batting game to a level where he can land a spot in the Indian team.

Rahul Dravid’s insane levels of focus saw him score multiple centuries and as we all know, this was his USP as a batsman – his concentration. “Parenthood helped me relax a bit more. It put a lot of things in perspective. Especially after retiring, the first couple of years I didn’t do too much other than the odd commentary gig. I was home a lot watching my kids grow. I am actually a lot more comfortable in that kind of environment,” he said in an interview with Indian Express some years back.

“Because you’ve had that experience and seen how being intense always can be difficult, you don’t want to wish that for your kid, yaar. Maybe I will answer this question differently if one of my sons plays cricket at some representative level. They are just 11 and 7. They play cricket, soccer and different sports, and I like that. I enjoy watching those games. I watch them with no expectations. I am grateful for the fact that they like sport because that means they watch less TV and are less in front of the I-pad,” he added.

We are sure that his son will match his levels of concentration, as we think it’s something that can be inculcated in a kid right from his growing up days. Besides, his technique must be spot on since he was a kid. With a coach like Rahul, you can be sure about that.

Also, unlike Arjun Tendulkar, he hasn’t enjoyed the media glare or fame too much so his mind would clearer and freer to pursue his dreams of becoming a great batsman.

And surely, batting must be in his genes. We think they do matter, and there’s scientific proof. “Statistical analysis showed that about half of each person’s ability to improve their aerobic capacity with training was determined exclusively by their parents,” David Epstein wrote in his book The Sports Gene: Inside The Science Of Extraordinary Athletic Performance.

While we are no Nostradamus, we think Samit’s going to not just going to make it to the team, but actually, win many matches for India across all formats.