Mountain biking is no child’s play. If you’re looking to get into an activity like this, you might as well be completely prepared for it. It’s just you and your mountain bike, so you need to make sure you pick out the right one with a strong build and good-quality mechanical parts. 

With so many options out there, it can get a little confusing and overwhelming. Follow these three tips and pick out the perfect mountain bike that will be fit for you.


Set A Decent Budget

You cannot get a good mountain bike that costs less. Mountain bikes are an expensive product and for good reason. Your bike has to be of great quality and cheaper bikes usually don’t offer that. If you are planning to buy a mountain bike then make sure you save up enough money for it and buy an expensive bike. 


Pick A Bike Fit For Your Terrain

Picking any bike won’t do. You need to analyse what kind of terrain you’ll be riding your bike on and buy accordingly. If you’re planning to go down some steep hills then a Downhill bike is the way to go. If you’re just looking to go on flat but rough surfaces, then pick out an XC or trail bike.


Don’t Buy One Online

It is absolutely essential for you to test out your mountain bike first. You will find a bunch of them available on online shopping sites, but you should ideally be going to a store and checking the bikes physically. Ride it, see how heavy or light it feels, etc.